Who We Are

SquashEmpower is an innovative non-profit that helps under served elementary, middle and high school students succeed by blending the competitive sport of squash with intensive academic tutoring, long-term mentoring relationships, and a core value programs that emphasizes healthy lifestyle and personal responsibility. Additionally, SquashEmpower offers scholarships for youth.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspire children to achieve by providing educational and mentoring programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the sport of squash.

Since its inception, SquashEmpower has worked to enhance the academic performance, self-discipline, self-esteem, and physical fitness of young people by providing them with supplementary academic tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics as well as exposure to, experience with, and instruction in squash, a sport traditionally only accessible to affluent students in elite private schools.

Through our development program we seek to:

  • Provide under-served youth the opportunity to grow academically.
  • Help children develop the skills, self-discipline, and physical fitness level necessary to play squash.
  • Promote cultural diversity in the sport of squash by introducing it to a population of children who may never have experienced it.
  • Offer squash enthusiasts in the Washington, D.C. region an opportunity to uplift a community different from their own in a proactive way.


Our Goals

Our goal is to engage youth who live in District of Columbia neighborhoods that are under-served and who may not have same opportunities and advantages as higher income families.

We believe that squash is a life-long sport that provides all of the traditional advantages of athletics (health, discipline, focus, sportsmanship, skill development, success, dealing with frustration/failure, camaraderie, respect for competitors and referees, etc.).

We also believe – as evidenced by other urban squash programs throughout the country that are affiliated with the National Urban Squash & Education Association (NUSEA) – that combining squash with academic and mentoring programming can further develop and enrich the lives of our teenage participants.

Thank-you for your continued support of SquashEmpower, your financial donations and volunteer hours make a real difference to the program, families and youth we serve.

Summary of Proposal


SquashEmpower plans to partner with DC Public Schools in a multi-year program to build/run squash courts at a number of DCPS’ locations, and then use that daily fun-filled forum to also provide academic and mentoring programming to participating local teenagers. The ultimate goal is college attendance for our students.

The Big Picture

10 schools - 10 years - 550 students - $5 million.

How You Can Help

We need the continued support from the “village” of concerned individuals to help us propel our program to a higher level and ultimately help us reach a larger audience of deserving young people. Please consider joining our village today and help us impact tomorrow!